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International Summer School

Our summer schools and short courses are for students from around the world. They provide an opportunity to sample life at a leading UK Independent School, improve English skills and make friends for life.

(AGES 8 TO 12)
Saturday 1st July – Sunday 30th July 2023

(AGES 13 TO 16)
Saturday  1st July – Sunday 30th July 2023

The Programme

Students will develop their English language skills, tailor their schedules with creative and enriching elective modules and experience the best of British Boarding in one of the UK’s top Independent Boarding Schools.

Why Choose QE this Summer


Book your place on the QE International Summer School 2023


Part 1: Personal Information
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Part 2: Course Information
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Elective Options (13-17 only)
Please select your elective choices from the drop down list, for the relevant number of weeks you are attending. We will endeavour to accommodate all first choice requests but this is not guaranteed. 
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